In The Beginning...

It all started with a passion for finding the very best burger out there... the one that stole our hearts and would forever remain our comparison to that perfect delicious burger.

Soon that journey led to finding the highest quality ingredients possible which brought us to where were at now.

Today, we have studied, searched and developed our burger and menu where deliciousness meets healthy and also allergen friendly.

We use the highest possible quality of organic ingredients. It is also a standard to be gluten, soy, lactose and nut free... aside from Organic Coconut (which is a tree nut)

Our goal is to spread the concept like wild fire and create accesible allergen friendly food to everyone!


never feel guilty about eating burgers again!


Currently Located Permanently for Winter at The Rinks @ Vets Park in South Norwalk!

Mon - Fri: 4PM - 8PM

Sat - Sun: 9AM - 8PM or Later!

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